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Top 7 Best Flash Games of all Time

The popularity of free flash games has exploded in recent years. With the simple, addictive nature of these entertaining and unique distractions it’s not hard to see why. With a million and one games to pick from, we have compiled this brief guide to pint you in the right direction to play the 7 best flash games of all time.

1. Bejeweled

Think of a simple, colourful and addictive flash game that won dozens of awards when it first appeared back in 2001. That’s right, it’s Berjeweled. Who would have thought that the simple premise of matching three or more colored gems to make them disappear would turn into one of the most addictive and celebrated flash games of all time? If you haven’t played it then you need to have ago. You need to. If only to understand the genius of its simplicity.

2. Zuma

One quick game of Zuma and it’s easy to see why it became one of the most popular online games in history. What is Zuma? Simply put, it’s a puzzle game. The concept is similar to Berjeweled in that the aim is to form groups of balls of the same color to make them disappear and move on to the next level. Added quirkiness such as the fact that you’re controlling a giant spinning frog idol just adds to the appeal.

3. Bow Man

Known for being possibly the most low-tech archery war game of all time simply makes Bow Man all the more addictive. The graphics are stripped to the bone and it’s all about the gameplay. The bowmen take turns firing at each other until one is dead. So beautifully simple, isn’t it?

4. Desktop Tower Defence

This was a true game changer when it was introduced by Handdrawn games. The first and original tower defence game hooks you in from the first level. Place towers, kill creeps, upgrade towers, kill more creeps etc… A great way to spend the next 6 hours of your life, trust me.

5. Snake

Everybody knows Snake. Remember that mobile phone you had ten years ago that resembled a small brick, or that Atari you were given for Christmas in 1985. They both probably had a version of snake on it. Super simple idea – control a snake that eats and gets bigger and avoid eating yourself. So addictive…

6. The Helicopter Game

An original classic. Control your helicopter with one button. Hold it down to rise and let go to fall whilst avoiding the increasing difficult obstacles put in your path. One of the first one-button games and still standing the test of time.

7. Bloons

No top flash games list is complete without the inclusion of Bloons. Deceptively simple mechanics in a puzzle game, the aim of which is to pop balloons by throwing darts at them. What could be a repetitive game is transformed to a mini odyssey with the addition of different powerups, level formations and goals. A one of a kind.

Well, that’s it.  Top 7 best Flash Games of All Time. Not a flying unicorn or weird Japanese cat in sight. Just the simple, classic and above all most addictive games ever.

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